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Advantages of the property

  • Large area – 96 acres, perhaps the only property of this size in the area available for investment

  • Pre-approval of connection to the railway network of OSE.

  • Direct access to the upgraded road network, railway network and port

  • Neighborhood with Ionia industrial park and important industrial units

  • Direct contact with the new combined transport freight center

Location - history

Address – Orientation

The property is in contact north with the railway lines of OSE, within a radius of 350m are the industrial facilities of HELPE. More...

Accessibility – Road network – Rail network

The property has excellent accessibility because at a very close distance are the junctions of the old allied road with Monastiriou Street (1.3km) and the inner ring road (1km).More...

 Specific proposals

A) Supply Chain (Logistics)


B) Maintenance and parking facilities for passenger and truck cars.


C) Trade show – Wholesale


Land use

Any use in accordance with the urban planning conditions for the off-plan construction is possible.


Location – Neighborhoods – Advantages

The upgraded road network nearby, the Thessaloniki-Edessa national road, and the internal ring road, the direct contact with the railway network and the proximity to the port are key success factors of any business that uses the property.


Kordelio – Evosmos

Neighboring areas.

Eleftherio – Kordelio is a city included in the Urban Complex of Thessaloniki and is located in the northwest of it. Its population amounts to 26,850 inhabitants (according to the 2011 Census). It was the seat of a municipality until the implementation of the Kallikratis Program, when it joined the Municipality of Kordelio – Evosmos. Neo Kordelio was created after the Asia Minor Catastrophe of 1922 by Greek refugees from Asia Minor (282 people) from the village of Papa-Skala of Kordelio in Smyrna.
Evosmos is one of the municipalities of the urban complex of Thessaloniki in the northwestern part of the city. According to the last census of 2001, its population amounts to 52,624 inhabitants. In recent years it has become more widely known due to the high rate of construction that began in the late 1980s due to the consideration. The wider Municipality of Kordelio-Evosmos, is today a modern and dynamically evolving organization, with intense activity in all areas of social, cultural and economic life.
Its actions concern: in serving the citizen with the use of new technologies, in the care for the environment, in the improvement of the infrastructures and the upgrade of the residential areas with the execution of projects. The area west of the inner periphery where the property is located is a very promising and developing area.

Above: View of the intersection of the inner ring road with the old allied street, and location of the property.
Text sources: wikipedia , www.evosmos.gr

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